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Who we are

My love for this beautiful game began through the connection i had with my father as a child playing soccer and the philosophy of 2 important soccer individuals "JOHNNY WARREN & PELE" which inspired me to create annecto45.

Luca Pio Venturini

Luca Pio Venturini

Annecto45 Founder(Me)

Rocco Pio Venturini

My Father


My Idol

Johnny Warren

My Inspiration
Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne

My Favourite


My Motivation

“Kids connecting with parents connecting with families!”

What we do

Annecto45 is a simple soccer program that delivers great memories, stronger bonds, fitness, coordination, confidence, passion, growth, creativity, kindness, acceptance, supportive, sharing, not perfect, social interaction, friendship and love.

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“Luca's values through traditional beliefs focus on determination, faith and family, has brought about our community. ” Konrad Craig

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“Annecto45 is the perfect place during my busy week to interact with my son and watch him laugh and have fun!” Dale Elliott

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